Coding / Programming


Want an affordable way to start a new business venture? How about increasing sales to your existing one? E-Commerce is a great source for new revenue streams. From simple credit card processing to a large, feature rich online store, we have a solution that is tailored just for you. Thinking about expanding internationally? We can connect your online business to quickly receive payment in several other currencies as well as providing a process to manage all your international shipment.

E-Commerce/Website Optimization

Are you losing sales and need to gain a competitive advantage over your competition? We are here to help. Building a aesthetically pleasing website is merely the start. Making your website or online store standout among millions of other sites is your key to success. From UI/UX design, to content delivery networks, to optimize your site for faster load time, to conversion optimization, we have extended experience in helping clients increasing their bottom lines with proven methods.

Database Programming & Automation

Whether it’s SQL or MySQL, we have an expertise in the area of database programming. In fact, we have wrote programs to monitor and detect database anomalies automatically. Setting up the right database is crucial to the success of any projects. When you have doubts whether the correct setup is in place, get a second opinion.

Web and Application Programming

Whether you want to make your business easier to manage (Content Management), or create an online store (Database and E-Commerce) or increase productivity and efficiency (Intranet Applications), our programming team is ready to make your life easy. Our programmers possess a great deal of experience, many of them worked for software giants such as Microsoft, and Sun. They’re extremely familiar with all the tools currently used in web and application development. If you want it done right, on time and on budget, you’ve come to the right place.

Mobile App Development

Got a great idea? Just need someone helping you letting the world know about your great idea? We can certainty be of service. Whether you need help in native iOS or Android help or uses hybrid environment for your projects, our team of coders can easily take over a project or start from scratch.

Web Development

The Design Archi-Techs, Inc can provide more than just a great looking design. We offer custom programming solutions that drive your on-line business. We specialize in programming solutions for CRM, inventory management, e-commerce, communications, and intranet applications.

Want to know what we can do for you or your business; contact us for a free consulting session. Our team will listen, assess, recommend and guide you through the process of understanding, design, and developing a web technology that exceeds your expectation.

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